Monthly Doodles #25 & #26 – Inktober and catching up

Been awhile since I last updated. I meant to compile the work I did for inktober together back when October ended but I unfortunately missed it. I’ll link to the twitter thread where I posted all of them. Suffice to say, I’m quite happy with how it all went down. I can rather close sometimes and I think some could be improved but I was a very pleasant experience.

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Monthly Doodles #24 – Another empty month

Unfortunately, I’ve been swamped by my new college semester so despite my attempts I didn’t really draw anything this month.  It’s honestly really difficult try to balance everything going right now but I honestly do want to try. Throughout October I’m going to make an effort to balance out doing homework, schoolwork, drawing, catching up on shows and more. In fact, I think I’ll  do Inktober!

Monthly Doodles #21 – Monthly doodles return after 4 months!

Wow, I’ve missed quite a number of months on Monthly Doodles. I’m very sorry about that. I was quite busy last time dealing with classes for my previous college semester and lately I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Thankfully with this month I’m working toward making an effort to bring this back and update this silly little blog every month.

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Monthly Doodles #19 – I missed a month and Happy New Year

So I wasn’t feeling really good on November 31. In fact, I’m sure I had the flu around that time. So unfortunately I wasn’t able to post last months monthly doodle. Not that I actually had much. I don’t even have much for this month. What with how busy and crazy its been with my BA Capstone, my Birthday, Christmas, and the coming new year.

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