Monthly Doodles #30

So, near the beginning of the year I got a Wacom Tablet as both a birthday and graduation present from my parents alongside a new laptop. It made me really happy but I put off using for a time as I lacked a proper digital art program. That changed near the beginning of April when I got to purchase Clip Studio Pro. And it has been a blast to use.

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Monthly Doodles #27 & 28

Hello again. Missed posting in January and Febuary though admittedly there was much to post. Most of both months was just me being lazy, drawing little things, driving practice, looking into potential jobs once I finally get my license, thinking about how I should schedule everything and failing to implement it, chores and house work, and contemplations on life and how much I hate it. Needless to say, its been something….. Continue reading

Monthly Doodles #25 & #26 – Inktober and catching up

Been awhile since I last updated. I meant to compile the work I did for inktober together back when October ended but I unfortunately missed it. I’ll link to the twitter thread where I posted all of them. Suffice to say, I’m quite happy with how it all went down. I can rather close sometimes and I think some could be improved but I was a very pleasant experience.

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Monthly Doodles #24 – Another empty month

Unfortunately, I’ve been swamped by my new college semester so despite my attempts I didn’t really draw anything this month.  It’s honestly really difficult try to balance everything going right now but I honestly do want to try. Throughout October I’m going to make an effort to balance out doing homework, schoolwork, drawing, catching up on shows and more. In fact, I think I’ll  do Inktober!