Monthly Doodles #1

A little something I’ve been considering for awhile. With Monthly Doodles I’ll be sharing some of my art that I’ve done through out the month or even some older art that I feel like sharing.

I haven’t  really been drawing or even posted as much as I would have liked to. Honestly, I just haven’t really been feeling it alot lately. Life and University have just been crushing and despite wanting to be drawing I’ve either been only doing little personal things for stuff I’d rather keep quiet for now or stuff for class. I’ve liked the class stuff but haven’t really been doing alot of art that I would like to do.

That’s when I got the idea to do this for this silly little personal blog of mine. A way for me to start doing little monthly doodles to help me get back into the swing of things again. Just little things to keep me drawing while working on some other stuff that I’ve been wanting to finish but either haven’t had the time, dedication, motivation,or ideas on how I want it to work. Hopefully, I can finally finish those works I’ve been trying to complete for so long.

I only did three little sketchs but it definately feels nice to be drawing things I want to draw again.

First, a doodle of Frog-kun of An anime blogger and friend that I follow on twitter and wordpress, based on his twitter header and a work by a friend of his. I’m really glad I discovered him and his blog and been able to talk and communicate with him on his post and writings. I’m really glad I’ve come into contact with him.

Link to the work on DeviantArt.


Next, a sketch doodle of Kamen Rider Ichigo from Kamen Rider. Link to the work on DeviantArt.


Kamen Rider 1 is so cool!

Next, a sketch doodle of Asuna from SAO. Link to the work on DeviantArt.



Any way, that’s it for the the first installment of Monthly Doodles! I hope to make this a thing for this silly little blog of mine and that the people that may visit here will enjoy it. *Cue the fanfare* 😀


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