Monthly Doodles #5 Art classes galore! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Classes are in full swing now. And I’m having an absolute blast though admittedly there are a couple that I’m not super into. But that’s neither here nor there. Still I’ve been able to work with some really interesting materials. My art classes are an absolute wonder!

My work for my printmaking class has been an incredible experience. My first two projects were on monotypes and dry points respectively. The two projects have been absolutely fascinating to work on. A lot of interesting processes to work with in print making.


We had to make 5 different monotypes. It was a great experience. Definitely a great time. I’d love to work with it even more. Monotypes are a really fascinating form of printmaking.

The drypoint however is shaping up to be my favorite project so far. It’s much closer to drawing which I really love. The first test print looked great but I definitely need to add a bit more to it. Rest assured, I’ve got some ideas!

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But most interesting of all was using a brush attached to a long ruler to draw ink onto paper in my Intermediate Figure Drawing class. It was a really fun experience. I’d love do something like it again. Ink is a really nice material to work with. But not as nice as charcoal. Gotta do some more stuff in charcoal when I have the time. (^▽^;)

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Finally I’ve been working off and on on my twitter avatar. Revised a couple of ideas and have something I think will serve me well. I wanted something much more personal for my twitter avatar and this shaping up nicely!



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