Monthly Doodles #6 – Maybe I should’ve done Inktober

About a month or so left of classes this semester. Classes have been going well. I feel like I’ve been doing rather well though some have been rather time consuming and a bit annoying to deal with. However, I still feel it has all been going well.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do much drawing outside of school work. I’ve been trying to put as much effort as I can into balancing school work, house work and time to myself. But I have been failing miserably in that regard. Perhaps something like Inktober could’ve been a good challenge. Or I could’ve failed miserably. Will I ever find this balance I seek?



That being said I’ve made alot of progress in the art for my twitter avatar. That’s been quite fun to work on.


All that being said the stuff I’ve been doing for my figure drawing class has all been nice. It has been a fantastic class and I really like the instructor.Whether it be homework or projects my art classes have been a blast.


Happy Halloween!


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