Monthly Doodles #7 The End DRAWS NEAR…. of the semester

November has come to a close and my birthday is now only about twenty days away. After which it will then be five days to Christmas. Which means the end of another is almost here. This also means my most recent semester in college is almost over with only my final exams left. I’ll admit I’m rather nervous but i’m sure I can pass. I’ll just have to hunker down and do my best! I’ve experienced some bumps and frustrations but I still had a blast this semester. My classes were all wonderful experiences even if some were more negative than others.

My most loved classes are most definitely my Intro to Print and Intermed. Figure Drawing. Both were great experiences and i feel like I’ve picked quite a few new tricks. Particularly, it felt nice to step out of my comfort zone with my works in Intermed. Figure Drawing were I could just relax and not focus on little things like I often tend to do.

But I I had the most fun with Intro Print, which was both familiar yet new. Quite a bit of it was much like drawing but with new tools. Plus working with inks was a blast. It was messy, it was difficult but it was a blast. And honestly, I don’t believe there was a single project I didn’t like.

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Its been a good month. Hopefully I’ll do well on my finals and I’ll be able to work on somethings I’d like to do before Christmas. I still feel like I’ve got a ways to go but I also feel like I’ve been making a deal of progress. And that’s what I’ll keep aiming for. Well here’s to the next month.


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