Monthly Doodles #14 – June and Comicbook Illustration

So back when I was wrapping up my spring 2017 semester, I decided to to take another summer course. More precisely I decided that I wanted to take the Comicbook Illustration course that I noticed flyers for. Really it just seemed like a course that was perfect for me. I mean, after all, what I want to do with my art is stuff like comics and manga. I want to work in sequential art. So after some rather quick thinking I signed up for the class.

And you know what I’ve really been liking the class. Admittedly it will be ending soon but it has been a good class. It’s been challenging , yes, but a good class none the less. Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable showing everything I’ve done for the class but I would like to give an idea about what I’ve been doing.

Anyway it’s been a really fun class and I really am happy I decided to enroll for it!


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