About Myself

Young Man. Artist. Dreamer.

Hello there, I’m Russell Kurashige. Well that’s not really my real name, hahaha. Think of it as a pen name but you can call me Russell. Though here on the web I’m often known  as RussellStar but I’ve also gone by X-ice, or variants of the two. I’m just a young man, who likes drawing and various other things, trying my best to make my way through life.

I’m an American born half- Japanese young man with a passion for art, and this is my personal blog. Here I’ll talk and post about various things from my personal life to my art and maybe the various things that I like. But most likely my art and life.

I was born December 20, 1993 in Sacramento, California but I’ve spent most of those years growing up in East Tennessee. Ever since I was young I’ve loved drawing, and it is my dream to one day share that love and passion with the world. It is my dream to combine my love of art with stories and tell them through sequential art. I want to make people laugh, make them smile. I want to fill their hearts with love and hope but also sadness and pain. I want to share my love and dreams with the world. But more than anything I want to encourage others to dream.

Contact Info

Email – jediknight564@gmail.com

Twitter – @RussellStarX5

DeviantArt – http://russellstar.deviantart.com/

Tumblr – http://russellstarr.tumblr.com/

MyAnimeList – http://myanimelist.net/profile/RussellStarX5


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