Monthly Doodles #18 – Ideas just out of reach

With October coming to a close, that means my college semester is now in full swing and I’ve got just two more months. Time really does fly. Unfortunately for me that means I’ve got a good deal of work to do for my classes. And sometimes it just doesn’t pan out how I hoped! But hey, I’m use to it now!

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Monthly Doodles #17 – Just Art Projects

My new college semester is getting into full swing. And I really just have two projects from my advanced drawing class to show for it. Not exactly what I had hoped but that’s how it is. Honestly, it reminds just how bad I am at managing my time. I had so many pseudo little plans for a bunch of stuff I wanted to draw and I just end up with two college projects. lol Continue reading

Monthly Doodles #14 – June and Comicbook Illustration

So back when I was wrapping up my spring 2017 semester, I decided to to take another summer course. More precisely I decided that I wanted to take the Comicbook Illustration course that I noticed flyers for. Really it just seemed like a course that was perfect for me. I mean, after all, what I want to do with my art is stuff like comics and manga. I want to work in sequential art. So after some rather quick thinking I signed up for the class.

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Monthly Doodles #13 – Lazy month

This month of May 2017 has been a pretty uneventful month. Yeah, I admit I’ve been pretty lazy this month. I guess with an upcoming summer class I just haven’t really been feeling up to doing much. Most of what I have been drawing has been little things and not much else.

That being said, I’ve got Comicbook Illustration starting nest and I will be attending it Mon-Fri from 9 to 12. So hopefully with that I’ll be able to work a nice schedule that will allow to dot some drawing.

Monthly Doodles #12 – More of a life update since I didn’t really draw anything…..

It’s April 30, 2017, and my latest college semester is nearly over. My classes for the semester are now very much and all that remains is for me to be ready for my final exams left this week. I tried to make time to draw as much as I could this month but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do anything. This last month has been pretty crazy, and it’s been quite a hassle trying to balance it all. I’ve been so busy or distracted. And I honestly can’t help but feel a bit upset I wasn’t able to draw anything this month.

I’ve got plans though so maybe I’ll be able to work things out. Here’s hoping. And hey I was able to draw a little something for Frog-Kun’s Birthday !

Frog-Kun Birthday