Monthly Doodles # 20 – This was a very dry month

Unfortunately wasn’t able do draw much this month. Been kinda swamped with class. 0114181539.jpg


Monthly Doodles #19 – I missed a month and Happy New Year

So I wasn’t feeling really good on November 31. In fact, I’m sure I had the flu around that time. So unfortunately I wasn’t able to post last months monthly doodle. Not that I actually had much. I don’t even have much for this month. What with how busy and crazy its been with my BA Capstone, my Birthday, Christmas, and the coming new year.

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Monthly Doodles #18 – Ideas just out of reach

With October coming to a close, that means my college semester is now in full swing and I’ve got just two more months. Time really does fly. Unfortunately for me that means I’ve got a good deal of work to do for my classes. And sometimes it just doesn’t pan out how I hoped! But hey, I’m use to it now!

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Monthly Doodles #17 – Just Art Projects

My new college semester is getting into full swing. And I really just have two projects from my advanced drawing class to show for it. Not exactly what I had hoped but that’s how it is. Honestly, it reminds just how bad I am at managing my time. I had so many pseudo little plans for a bunch of stuff I wanted to draw and I just end up with two college projects. lol Continue reading

Monthly Doodles #14 – June and Comicbook Illustration

So back when I was wrapping up my spring 2017 semester, I decided to to take another summer course. More precisely I decided that I wanted to take the Comicbook Illustration course that I noticed flyers for. Really it just seemed like a course that was perfect for me. I mean, after all, what I want to do with my art is stuff like comics and manga. I want to work in sequential art. So after some rather quick thinking I signed up for the class.

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Monthly Doodles #13 – Lazy month

This month of May 2017 has been a pretty uneventful month. Yeah, I admit I’ve been pretty lazy this month. I guess with an upcoming summer class I just haven’t really been feeling up to doing much. Most of what I have been drawing has been little things and not much else.

That being said, I’ve got Comicbook Illustration starting nest and I will be attending it Mon-Fri from 9 to 12. So hopefully with that I’ll be able to work a nice schedule that will allow to dot some drawing.