Monthly Doodles #7 The End DRAWS NEAR…. of the semester

November has come to a close and my birthday is now only about twenty days away. After which it will then be five days to Christmas. Which means the end of another is almost here. This also means my most recent semester in college is almost over with only my final exams left. I’ll admit I’m rather nervous but i’m sure I can pass. I’ll just have to hunker down and do my best! I’ve experienced some bumps and frustrations but I still had a blast this semester. My classes were all wonderful experiences even if some were more negative than others. Continue reading

Monthly Doodles #4 & Beginning a New Semester

A new semester began for about a week or two ago. So far it’s looking rather nice, I’ve got four art related classes and second year Japanese. All in all it’s shaping up to be a nice semester. Wasn’t really able to do many personal works but I feel like I’ll be able to get quite a lot of drawing done this semester.

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Monthly Doodles #3 Plus Life Updates

Well more life update I guess, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a lot drawing done. My summer Japanese class has been playing havoc with my desire to get some drawing done this month. I really like the class but man is it killing me. Plus my own time management don’t really help the situation any. That being said I have found a little bit of time to work on a twitter avatar.

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Monthly Doodles #2

Monthly Doodles #2. Didn’t really get to draw as much as I wanted but I still found some time to draw a few things. It definitely feels good to be able to find time to draw again. Hopefully in July I can iron out my time better and i’ll find time to draw while also attending my Beginning Japanese II online class.

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I also started working on a avatar for my twitter. Maybe for next month I might try to do some landscapes. Heck, I might even try messing around with GIMP again.