Monthly Doodles #18 – Ideas just out of reach

With October coming to a close, that means my college semester is now in full swing and I’ve got just two more months. Time really does fly. Unfortunately for me that means I’ve got a good deal of work to do for my classes. And sometimes it just doesn’t pan out how I hoped! But hey, I’m use to it now!

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Monthly Doodles #17 – Just Art Projects

My new college semester is getting into full swing. And I really just have two projects from my advanced drawing class to show for it. Not exactly what I had hoped but that’s how it is. Honestly, it reminds just how bad I am at managing my time. I had so many pseudo little plans for a bunch of stuff I wanted to draw and I just end up with two college projects. lol Continue reading

Monthly Doodles #10 – In which I have accomplished little…..

Another month flies bye. Classes have been well, as well as they can be. Admittedly not much was accomplished on the art side, well not in personal regards. My classes are going well, and I have been rather distracted by school work. I have however done work for class, specifically for my intaglio class. Hopefully, I’ll be able to adjust my time to allow me to accommodate class work as well as personal stuff.

I fucking hate myself….

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Monthly Doodles #9

January’s off to a good start for me. My new semester is looking to be quite nice. I’ve got a nice set of classes that I’m enjoying and over all I’ve got a good feeling about this semester. Unfortunately, as I’ve been working on getting prepared for the semester and attending classes when it began I’ve been a bit preoccupied and haven’t done much drawing this month. Fortunately, it looks like I’ll have more time this semester.

But I did do a little doodle of Kirby.


Monthly Doodles #7 The End DRAWS NEAR…. of the semester

November has come to a close and my birthday is now only about twenty days away. After which it will then be five days to Christmas. Which means the end of another is almost here. This also means my most recent semester in college is almost over with only my final exams left. I’ll admit I’m rather nervous but i’m sure I can pass. I’ll just have to hunker down and do my best! I’ve experienced some bumps and frustrations but I still had a blast this semester. My classes were all wonderful experiences even if some were more negative than others. Continue reading

Life Updates & Blog Plans

The ETSU Spring 2016 semseter ended last week. Bringing my Beginning Japanese I, Intro to Storytelling, Core Studio II, and Basic Figure Drawing to a close. I’m actually quite happy with my time in these classes. In fact, I had only expected to get Cs in them at best; so I was actually quite surprised that my final grades were three Bs and an A. So happy with those grades. Hopefully, I can do just as good if not better in my upcoming summer and fall classes. Here’s hoping.

Next week I’ll have Layout and Production as one of two summer classes. That’ll certainly be interesting. Then I’ll have Beginning Japanese II come July. I’ve quite loved my Japanese class, much more than Spanish.

I’ve got some upcoming plans for my little blog. First a little idea I’ve had for awhile, a post sharing doodles and art ever month. Hopefully, I can get that started as I feel it can work as a way to help keep me drawing. It really would feel nice to be drawing more once again. Plus, i’ve got some other plans that’ll have to wait till they come. It feels really great to be reapplying myself.

Looking Back and Looking Forward

As the year comes to a close I can’t help look back on the year and honestly it’s been quite a nice year. 2015 was the year, I transfered to ETSU.  A year that saw me attending classes that got me doing some artwork in quite sometime since the abysmal dry spell I’ve feel like I’ve fallen into. The year a new Star Wars film rolled into theaters. Another year in which my interest in Anime, Manga, Toku, Light Novels and Japan grew. A year in which I turned twenty-two.

And as I’ve looked back on the year, I’ve found myself filled the desire to get back to drawing again. I’ve found the desire to break free of this incredibly horrible feeling of wanting to draw but at the same time not wantin to. But as I’ve been looking back at the year, I’ve  also found myself looking  back at and thinking about my art over the years. Continue reading