Monthly Doodles #16 – Not much to say

A new month has passed and with a new semester of college has begun. To be honest i really don’t have much to say, it been rather uneventful. I’ve got some nice classes, and they look to shaping up well. All in all, not much to say on that front. However….

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Monthly Doodles #13 – Lazy month

This month of May 2017 has been a pretty uneventful month. Yeah, I admit I’ve been pretty lazy this month. I guess with an upcoming summer class I just haven’t really been feeling up to doing much. Most of what I have been drawing has been little things and not much else.

That being said, I’ve got Comicbook Illustration starting nest and I will be attending it Mon-Fri from 9 to 12. So hopefully with that I’ll be able to work a nice schedule that will allow to dot some drawing.

Monthly Doodles #11 – Never enough time

I’ve had a pretty busy month. I’ve been doing prints for Intalio, had to work on photos for photography which means processing and developing it, I’ve had to work on stuff for applied storytelling, and of course quizzes, test and other work for Second Year Japanese. To top it all off, there’s now only a  month and some days before the college semester ends. So yeah, this month has been busy.

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Monthly Doodles #9

January’s off to a good start for me. My new semester is looking to be quite nice. I’ve got a nice set of classes that I’m enjoying and over all I’ve got a good feeling about this semester. Unfortunately, as I’ve been working on getting prepared for the semester and attending classes when it began I’ve been a bit preoccupied and haven’t done much drawing this month. Fortunately, it looks like I’ll have more time this semester.

But I did do a little doodle of Kirby.


Monthly Doodles #7 The End DRAWS NEAR…. of the semester

November has come to a close and my birthday is now only about twenty days away. After which it will then be five days to Christmas. Which means the end of another is almost here. This also means my most recent semester in college is almost over with only my final exams left. I’ll admit I’m rather nervous but i’m sure I can pass. I’ll just have to hunker down and do my best! I’ve experienced some bumps and frustrations but I still had a blast this semester. My classes were all wonderful experiences even if some were more negative than others. Continue reading

Monthly Doodles #2

Monthly Doodles #2. Didn’t really get to draw as much as I wanted but I still found some time to draw a few things. It definitely feels good to be able to find time to draw again. Hopefully in July I can iron out my time better and i’ll find time to draw while also attending my Beginning Japanese II online class.

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I also started working on a avatar for my twitter. Maybe for next month I might try to do some landscapes. Heck, I might even try messing around with GIMP again.