Looking Back and Looking Forward

As the year comes to a close I can’t help look back on the year and honestly it’s been quite a nice year. 2015 was the year, I transfered to ETSU.  A year that saw me attending classes that got me doing some artwork in quite sometime since the abysmal dry spell I’ve feel like I’ve fallen into. The year a new Star Wars film rolled into theaters. Another year in which my interest in Anime, Manga, Toku, Light Novels and Japan grew. A year in which I turned twenty-two.

And as I’ve looked back on the year, I’ve found myself filled the desire to get back to drawing again. I’ve found the desire to break free of this incredibly horrible feeling of wanting to draw but at the same time not wantin to. But as I’ve been looking back at the year, I’ve  also found myself looking  back at and thinking about my art over the years. Continue reading